Anna Brożek (Warsaw): Pragmatic Motives in the Lvov-Warsaw School

Rosa Maria Calcaterra (Rome): Scientific Method and Juridical Accountability in Mario Calderoni’s Pragmatism

Hans-Joachim Dahms (Berlin) - Presentation canceled: Pragmatism in the Third Reich: Martin Heidegger and the Case of Eduard Baumgarten

Christian Damböck (Vienna): Wilhelm Dilthey and Pragmatism

Pascal Engel (Paris): Pragmatism and its Enemies in France towards 1900

Massimo Ferrari (Torino): Schlick and Lewis. Verificationism between Logical Empiricism and Pragmatism

Maria Carla Galavotti (Bologna): Pragmatism and the Birth of Subjective Probability

Mathias Girel (Paris): Three Pragmatist Claims and their Supporters in Europe around 1900

Monika Gruber (Vienna): Frank P. Ramsey and Hannes Leitgeb on Belief

Michael Heidelberger (Tübingen): Heidelberg 1908: A Window for the Reception of Pragmatism in German-speaking Countries

Alexander Klein (Long Beach) A Cosmopolitan James: On Mach and other Central Europeans

Martin Kusch (Vienna): Pragmatist Themes in the Young Georg Simmel

Christoph Limbeck-Lilienau (Vienna): Pragmatist Influences on the Vienna Circle between 1926 and 1934

Giovanni Maddalena (Campobasso): Vailati, Papini, and the Synthetic Drive of Italian Pragmatism

Robert McKenna (Vienna): Pragmatist Themes in Edward Craig and Bernard Williams

Cheryl Misak (Toronto): Ramsey and the Vienna Circle

Kevin Mulligan (Lugano): Phenomenology and Pragmatism – Three Triangles

Matthias Neuber (Tübingen): Boodin's Pragmatic Realism

Sami Pihlström (Helsinki): Pragmatism in the Nordic Countries

Johannes Steizinger (Vienna)/ Matthieu Queloz (Basel): Pragmatism Beyond Truth: Nietzsche’s Perspective of Life

Friedrich Stadler (Vienna): What is „European“ in Pragmatism?

Abgesagt: Bastian Stoppelkamp (Vienna): Vienna Naturalism and American Pragmatism

Abgesagt: Claudine Tiercelin (Paris): Lovejoy, Fouillée and Peirce on the Power of Ideas

Thomas Uebel (Manchester): The Social in Pragmatism – The Case of Wilhelm Jerusalem